Thursday, May 3, 2012

Naturally LUSH :)

To start this out, I smell like patchouli.  I don't particularly like that scent as much more than a background note.  It's a little too stereotypically hippy and just…  not me.  The reason I smell like the 1970s is that I'm trying out some of Lush Cosmetics' hair products.  Namely, their Trichomania solid shampoo and Jungle solid conditioner.  This is my first use of both so these are just initial reactions.  I was turned on to Lush products by Leesha of xsparkage.  I'd walked past the Lush storefront in my mall many times without giving it much thought.  But watching Leesha's hauls and reviews of my new favorite eco-friendly brand intrigued me.  And now the Twilight and Blackberry Bath Bombs as well as the Green Bubble Bars are favorites with me.  I'm a bath lover so adding to that experience just makes me happy.  I also like their cuticle butter, Lemony Flutter, as I'm a nail polish junkie with very dry skin.

I recent saw Youtube's missglamorazzi was raving about their Seanik solid shampoo.  I was (and thus far, still am) quite skeptical but thought it was worth looking into since I happened to be out of my normal shampoo (John Frieda's Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture for Dry Hair), the Lush shampoos and conditioners were about the same price and I'm going to be doing some traveling this summer.  Not to mention, we all want to be more organic, green and generally more globally responsible nowadays, right?

My hair is color treated, porous, a little wavy and not terribly oily.  Knowing this, the Lush employee (with the awesome blue hair) steered me to the Trichomania which is Lush's coconut-based solid shampoo for hair that needs added moisture.  It's not, to my relief, too strongly scented, just a mild coconut smell.  It was a bit of a hassle to work with, as you have to basically break a small piece off of the stuff and slowly work it into a lather with warm water between your hands before you can start rubbing it into your hair.  Thankfully the Mr. Blue Hair was thoughtful enough to demonstrate for me.  On a more positive note, my hair seems just about as clean as when I use regular shampoo which worried me since it didn't have  a very soapy consistency.

The Jungle conditioner wasn't something I was in the market for but I thought I might as well after the Mr. Blue Hair showed it to me.  I must have missed the patchouli in it while being pampered in the store because I'm fairly certain that would have been a deal breaker though, to be fair, it's not overwhelming.  It's lauded on the website for it's fruitiness and doesn't mention any herbaceousness.  (Screw you, Spellcheck!  That is too a word…)  But the jury is still out.  I haven't quite made up my mind on either product.  Is it worth the extra effort to know that I'm using organic and fair trade products?

That being said, I'm pretty excited to try other Lush products.  I'm very interested in the Skin Drink facial moisturizer and various Body Butters.  I think I might be sneaky and get my Mother's Day present there and have mom test some things out for me…  Does that make me a really good or a really bad daughter?  Anything anyone can recommend?

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