Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Bull, Just Brand! Vol. 1

Alright, now that I have some of the awkwardness of my first entry I'd like to get into something less... clumsy?  Here goes my first mini-series, so to speak.  The subject of these is my favorite brands including the good, the bad and the underwhelming of each.  Hope you (though I'm likely just typing to myself) enjoy!

Inglot (INGLOT?):  Not sure whether or not it's all in caps but, if it isn't, it should be.  This first brand was just kind of obvious to me.  They have:
1) an overwhelmingly amazing assortment of pressed eyeshadows pans
  a) in variety of finishes (and an impressive selection of mattes especially)
  b) which are relatively cheap ($5 for 2.5-3.2 grams of product as opposed to MAC's $11.50 pans that only contain apx. 1.5 grams)
  c) have wonderful pigmentation
  d) come in the travel-safe space-efficient "Freedom System"
2) beautiful creamy lipsticks in unusual shades (that are also cheaper than MAC's)
3) two of my favorite eyeshadow pigments of all time (in #64, #65)
4) and super helpful in-store staffs (Las Vegas Forum Shop, I'm talking to you!)

This isn't to say that Inglot doesn't have it's drawbacks like very few store fronts in the US (though I've heard they are trying to remedy this) and disappointingly small nail polish bottles for the price.  Also, while I really love the Freedom Systems magnetized palettes they do take some getting used to.  But mostly I've been very pleased with my experiences with this lovely Polish company.  They are very popular on Youtube and amongst bloggers but not otherwise well-known here in the States.  (So sad...)

And it's at this point in my blog that swatches to emphasize my point would be both welcome and expected.  But Alas!  In any case, till we meet again!

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